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I have over 20 years of caring and sharing reflexology experience and enthusiasm I’d love to share with you, whether you want to book a personal treatment with me or attend my TCM-5 Element Classes or Workshops for therapists.

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Reduce stress. Harmonise the hormones. Re-balance the emotions. Increase energy. 

Treatment focus: to combat the Impact of stress upon emotions, wellbeing and physical health; to address fertility issues and provide support through pregnancy. To replenish energy levels.

Mix and match: from head to toe treatments span a range of therapies so sessions can be tailored to suit personal needs. Check out the following:

  • Meridian Reflexology: for face, hands, feet:- to nurture and revitalise the whole body.
  • TCM ‘5 Elements’ subtle energy diagnosis:- for emotional and physical equilibrium.
  • E.F.T: Emotional Freedom Technique:- for self-acceptance and empowerment – your intentions drive the experience!
  • Fertility focus and support through pregnancy:- to give nature a helping hand as you go through your journey.
  • Counselling and Colour therapy work:- for stress release, wellbeing and relaxation.

Enhancing techniques: My reflex-therapies beneficially infuse acupressure and meridian work with a variety of techniques from around the world. In particular, for fertility issues, a combination of modalities from Danish, Nordic and European traditions enhance mainstream methods.

Think Feng Shui for your body.
Tai Chi for your thoughts ©

Marvellous Meridians: The meridian system can be likened to an energy circuit connecting joints, muscles and organs. Stress – physical, emotional or environmental – impedes their efficient flow, personal wellbeing, health and performance levels.

Nature Nurture Nourish.

Wellbeing matters. My task: to clear and rebalance the meridian network; to replenish and restore energy levels; to support the immune system by reducing the impact of stress; to encourage the body to return to physiological harmony through deep relaxation.

Health harmonies: As Dr. Wei Liu of the American Academy of Acupuncture says: “Preventing disease and maintaining wellness are deeply rooted in the Philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.” Working with harmonies of TCM 5-Elements and their meridian counter-parts is part of this wellness awareness approach for holistic vitality.

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