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I didn’t know I was stressed until I was un-stressed! De-stressing is the journey. Unwinding is the process. Un-stressed is the destination!

I’m into energy work and my therapies are different

How I can help: I have over 20 years’ caring experience to share with you.  Bringing different insights, touch styles and focus to shift, lift and revitalise your energy.  Powerful partnerships: underpinning my therapies are the meridian network and ‘5-Elements’. They represent the many facets and functions of energy that move and drive us emotionally and physically – and upon which our health depends. Targeting for wellness: together, they provide deeper treatment resonance, enhance traditional main-stream methods and jump start your energy system.  Treatments

Chi needs to flow to energise: Chi, energy or prana, represents our vital life force. The heart pumps blood; chi pumps energy! If we are well our chi is good.  If we are ill our chi is poor. Super highways: the meridians form a nourishing and dynamically sensitive energy network all over the body, descending, ascending, flowing – surfacing near the skin for access via therapeutic focus points.  Facilitating the flow of chi, their pathways are not visible but their energy can be felt. Easily disrupted by stress and out of kilter emotions, keeping the flow is vital for wellness and balance. The 5- Elements hang out in harmony in treatment terms with their meridian partnerships. Inspired by the natural world, their rhythms represent the ebb and flow of all energy.  To find out more click here

Ask yourself, what’s the energy you want to feel and walk around with?

Ease the stress away, realign your emotions with your feelings and your feelings with your body. Feel holistically supported and better than before. Ban the energy leaks!  My intention: to redirect your energy to where it’s needed, through deeply relaxing and restoring treatments.

reflexology plus

Energy in good hands
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