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I have over 20 years of caring and sharing reflexology experience and enthusiasm I’d love to share with you whether you want to book a treatment with me or attend my special Master Classes or Workshops for therapists.

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Increase energy. Reduce stress. Re-balance the emotions. From head to toe – an holistic treatment blend especially for you:-

*   Meridian Reflexology: for face, hands, feet.

*   TCM ‘5 Elements’ subtle energy imbalance diagnosis and body-work.

*   E.F.T: Emotional Freedom Technique for release and empowerment.

*   Comfort and Colour: Counselling & Colour therapy work for support.

Think Feng Shui for your body.
Tai Chi for your thoughts ©

My treatments span a range of therapies so sessions can be tailored to suit an individual’s needs.  I use a fusion of techniques from around the world. However, the main focus is with meridian reflex therapy informed by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ‘5 Elements’- the natural health metaphors for wellness.  Meridians are like rivers of energy flowing throughout the body.  Each meridian system can be likened to a circuit connecting joints, muscles and organs. They are affected by physical, emotional, environmental ‘stressors’. It is important to release such energetic blocks to let the ‘chi’ flow as freely as possible for vitality and replenishment.

Nature Nurture Nourish.

The aim is to replenish and restore energy levels, to support the immune system by reducing the impact of stress and encourage the body to return to physiological harmony through deep relaxation.  Treatments are holistic, soothing and restorative.  The approach is empathic, dynamic, versatile and highly focussedPlease take a look at Client testimonials and Treatment Page tabs for more information.

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