I’m into energy work and my therapies are different!

Our energy levels are always changing for better or worse depending on what we think, how we feel, what we do and how much stress we are under.

How I can help: I have over 20 years of caring experience and enthusiasm I’d love to share with you. Let me help you ease the stress away, realign your emotions with your feelings and your feelings with your body through my deeply relaxing and restoring treatments the meridian way.

Want to find out more? I give talks to the public and run CPD courses for therapists on the wonderful TCM
5-Elements and marvelous meridians which form the basis of my treatments. (Please check relevant tabs)

Whats so special: The beauty of working with 5-Elements is that they point us to imbalances between emotional and physical wellbeing. The meridian system can be likened to an energy circuit connecting to and nourishing joints, muscles and organs but stress disrupts!

Health harmonies: Shifting and lifting the energy blocks for a return to physiological harmony is what I do!  I help to replenish and restore emotional and physical synergy, clear and rebalance the meridian network and support your immune system by reducing the impact of stress through deep relaxation.

Wellness is a state of being. Nature Nurture Nourish Think Feng Shui for your body Tai Chi for your thoughts!

Mix and match. From head to toe, treatments span a range of therapies so sessions can be tailored to suit personal needs

  • Meridian Reflexology: for face, hands, feet:- to nurture and revitalise the whole body.
  • TCM ‘5 Elements’ subtle energy diagnosis:- for emotional and physical equilibrium.
  • E.F.T: Emotional Freedom Technique:- for self-acceptance and empowerment – your intentions drive the experience!
  • Fertility focus and support through pregnancy:- to give nature a helping hand as you go through your journey.
  • Counselling and Colour therapy work:- for stress release, wellbeing and relaxation.
As Dr. Wei Liu of the American Academy of Acupuncture says:
“Preventing disease and maintaining wellness are deeply rooted in the Philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

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