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The Meridian System: it’s like your personal energy tube map

A healthy network: It’s an Energy Thing!
Meridians form a dynamic energy network all over the body.

Their pathways are not visible but their energy vibrations can be felt. Don’t let stress derail your health. To redress the effects of stress, treatments aim to keep these connections as free-flowing as possible. Go with the flow. Regular treatments can help you better go with the flow of life’s demands and keep your energy levels up.


Traditional Reflexology: 

Multi-system relaxation and increased wellbeing. Reflexology is a complementary therapy offering a natural way to support the body and its systems. It follows the principle that reflexes in the feet and hands mirror the body’s composition and correspond to states of wellness.  Working these reflexes assists health maintenance and continued wellbeing physically and emotionally.

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It’s different but nice! 

Sooth away tension and stress. A beautifully creative and innovative form of reflexology with a dynamic ‘touch difference’. Chi-Reflexology works with ebb and flow of meridian subtle energy plus the philosophy of TCM 5 Elements; culminating in a deep state of relaxation, so important for over-worked adrenal glands and combating the effects of stress.

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Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem:

A Rejuvenating facial therapy. Combining deep reflexology massage with a selection of up to eleven ancient and modern nourishing treatment modalities. Blending traditions from the Far East and South America.  Incorporating modern neurology of the face and the cranial nervous system. A revitalizing treatment that also de-stresses the whole body.

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Fertility Focus

If your press reflex and acupressure points in one location, there is an effect in another, relevant, body location.

Louise works with special reflexology for fertility treatments from Danish, Nordic and European traditions, as taught by ‘Touch Point’ Danish School of Reflexology. These perspectives provide deeper, more focussed, ways of targeting fertility-specific foot-body locations with a variety of methods to enhance main-stream techniques.

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Pregnancy Care

“Maternity reflexology can be of great support to women throughout pregnancy”  helping to “optimise their physical and emotional health”… “ the general view is that reflexology will help support the body to prepare for labour and promote relaxation when anxiety levels are often high”: [Guidelines from the Association of Reflexologists].

NB: This is a natural therapy and although there is anecdotal evidence from women who feel they have benefitted from reflexology there is no guarantee that reflexology can induce labour or that conception will occur.


Wellbeing is a very personal state Treat yourself!

One-off sessions offer tranquillity and precious “me time” to unwind. Regular treatments, as part of a healthier life-style, contribute to improving holistic vitality and deterring the effects of stress which, if left unchecked, can affect many systems of the body.

NB. Reflexology can comfortably work alongside medical care but the treatment should not take the place of medical advice. A doctor’s approval should be sought following serious illness. Open wounds, infectious conditions cannot be treated.

Below is lovely feedback from one of my clients. Please refer to ‘Testimonials’ for further flavours of my therapies.

 “I first came to Louise when I was going through a difficult family crisis and  she showed great sensitivity as we talked my feelings through. Then she made me feel comfortable and relaxed in a highly professional way.  The treatment itself is extremely powerful in a gentle way.  After having regular sessions, I have attained an inner peace that I cherish.” (Judy S)

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