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Listen to your body and you listen to your feelings. Listen to your feelings and you listen to your thoughts. It’s good to honour both!

Think feng shui for your body, tai chi for your thoughts!
Reconnect to the physical and emotional synergy of you with Reflexology Plus the Meridian Way and Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping).  
Meridians are avenues of energy for nourishing every part of you, they need regular maintenance to let the chi flow where it needs to go Refresh, restore, release, replenish. When you look after one aspect of yourself, you nurture another.

Deeply relaxing, my treatments encourage optimal harmony between physical and emotional wellbeing.  Focusing on energy fitness from the inside, they promote cleansing, stress releasing, tension-reducing responses.  As TLC to counter the demands of modern living, any time could be treatment time! Also for recuperation following illness or surgery and for giving nature a helping hand as you go through your pregnancy journey.

Taking ‘time for me’ is an investment, not a guilty pleasure, think about it this way!
rom head to toe my treatments are tailored to suit your needs

Reflexology supporting your body.
Reflexology follows the principle that micro reflexes mirror the body’s composition and correspond to states of wellness. Physical and emotional health links also exist between these reflexes, meridian flows and the five elementsFertility focus and pregnancy care: my reflexology additionally blends in traditions from Danish, Nordic and European modalities to enhance mainstream techniques and provide greater focus.  Facial Reflexology This is a combo of massage, reflexology, pressure points (no needles) and meridian flows, topped up with nourishing techniques from the Far East and South America as per the ‘Sorensensistem’. “This reflexology facial given by Louise is probably the best facial experience I have had says one of my Clients . . .  Testimonials.

Emotional Freedom Technique supporting your emotions.
Thinking, feeling, doing, tapping. Emotions are thoughts in action! Move on to empowerment: let the feelings go and the energy flow.  Tap into your emotions and into the meridians with Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT or Tapping).  Power up your thoughts by releasing your worries and anxieties and become more in the strengthening energy of now. Release the emotional. Relax the physical with Reflexology Plus EFT

Good vibrations: I love and value myself!
Re-set to calm and re-energise. Inducing deep relaxation calms the nervous and digestive systems, encourages better sleep patterns and boosts the immune system.  Reducing stress promotes physiological equilibrium leading to better hormonal balance and wellbeing.

From feeling in bits and pieces, to feeling glad all over!
“I first came to Louise when I was going through a difficult family crisis and  she showed great sensitivity as we talked my feelings through. Then she made me feel comfortable and relaxed in a highly professional way.  The treatment itself is extremely powerful in a gentle way.  After having regular sessions, I have attained an inner peace that I cherish.” (Judy S)

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